If you know me well you know I have a huge family. Everyone from Mount Pleasant, just might be my 3rd cousin (Two Chains voice). All in all I have about 19 or so brothers, 16 of which I share no actual parents with. This weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to witness the nuptials of one of my favorites, Arthur Black. Arthur and Marie wed in the Brooklyn borough on a beautiful Saturday surrounded by family and friends at Brooklyn’s Mount Lebanon Baptist Church.

Whenever the brothers get together we have an awesome time. This was no exception. We had the extra bonus of a mini FAMU reunion, and it’s always good to have a FAMUAN around. Many hugs, handshakes and cheek kisses abound. The wedding ended punctually at about 3:30 followed by a 5:30 reception. With two whole hours to kill, whatever were the FAMUANS to do? Someone suggested Therapy another suggested we go to someone’s house. The end game for both ventures was to get a sip. I chose the long road to Hempstead that included the alcohol set out. Of the two options, I think I chose best.

The Thomas Estate was located in Hempstead, NY just a few blocks away from the the reception venue. This stately yet inviting home bestowed a warm welcome to us. We were greeted by the patriarch of the house, Douglas Thomas Sr. Esq. Between drinks he shared with us the importance of developing strong families and support systems. We (those single and dating) were admonished to get married and have as many children as possible because smart people usually have smart children. We got to learn of the state’s botched attempt to defame him and were once again reminded that although we have come a long way in this country, there was still work to do to end corruption in political office and gain freedom for everyone.

Although it is our mantra that “to be early is to be on time,” this only applies to meetings and appointments. For parties and social gatherings it’s best to be late. This way you avoid lines as well as have a larger audience for your outfit when arrive. We arrived at the Chateau Briand at around 6:00pm, late enough to be fashionable but still early enough for sunlight, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and aperitifs. Or so we thought. Our hors d’oeuvres constitute a meal and a half in and of itself, and the aperitifs, well let’s just say they weren’t stingy with the liquor.

The patio area of the Chateau was a perfect backdrop for our nostalgic reunion as well as great place ideas with new friends. Despite being in New York, the decor gave us a tropical south Florida feel. At one point I looked for a pool but to no avail. Still I made my way around the crowd spotting faces I hadn’t seen in years that looked as though not a day had passed by.

Chateau Briand
Dhane and Keylow
Jamaal and Aziza
Walt Brown

Once the actual reception was underway we were able to finally cut loose. This gathering was reminiscent to a Clean But Funky Ball, but with way more sophistication since the bruhs weren’t out tricking. We ate and drank and celebrated even more. I was happy to have been able to attend. Ques really do grow up, get engaged, and get married and I couldn’t be any more happier for Arthur and Marie.

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