Late spring is a time of excitement and happiness. School is out and many families begin spending more time with on another. Spring is also a time for graduating seniors to strut across the stage and become alumni. This year the Snype clan trekked to Virginia to see one of its own graduate from the prestigious Cosby High School in Richmond. The auditorium was abustle with happy families anxious to see their graduate cross the stage.

Principle Dr. Brenda Mayo spoke very highly of the accomplishments of the matriculated pupils, regarding the school and their success as one of her greatest joys. This will be here last year administering for the school and she says this round of graduating seniors made her work all the worth while. The valedictorian gave praise to Drake, remarking that they where all once at the bottom, but now they’re here reminding everyone that we all can go from humble beginnings to achieve great things.

Our lovely Jasmin crossed the stage gracefully in her baby blue cap and gown.  The air outside was warm and comfortable, welcoming the new grads to a world of possibilities that lay ahead of them. Something about the air a renewed freshness to it. Selfies where taken, hugs were given, and gifts were exchanged as families flocked to their new graduate.

After exchanging a few hugs and kisses, the family headed back to the house to continue the celebration. Nothing makes a loving gathering better than good food, good spirits, and good music. None of which were in sort supply. We’re so very proud of Jasmin and wish her continued success.



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