Congrats Jas!

Late spring is a time of excitement and happiness. School is out and many families begin spending more time with on another. Spring is also a time for graduating seniors to strut across the stage and become alumni. This year the Snype clan trekked to Virginia to see one of its own graduate from the prestigious Cosby High School in Richmond. The auditorium was abustle [...]

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Congrats Graduates

This past Sunday, students at the College of Charleston celebrated one of life's major milestones, graduation. All the long hours of studying, getting drunk and partying have culminated into this moment. Recent alums walked proudly across the stage where the a classic white tux and dress, a tradition practiced by the college for years.  The weather this year was perfectly pleasant unlike years gone by where [...]

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Alexis and Alexander

Alexis and Alexander share marital bliss this March 19, 2016. The couple's lovely Charleston wedding to place at The First Baptist Church on James Island with the reception held at the Marriott Lockwood Blvd located near the historic district.  Friends and family from across the globe came to celebrate the couple's special day.    

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Farewell to the Summer

Labor day has come is a time to remember all of those courage men and women who fought the arduous fight to secure the rights and freedoms of the working class. Without their struggle we wouldn't be able to enjoy things like, the 40-hour work week, overtime, sick leave, maternity leave, or workers compensation to name a few. It is a true celebration of a [...]

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The Battery

Living in Charleston affords me a few benefits. I'm close to the beach. Everyone I meet is usually related to me. and I get to enjoy beautiful architecture. I went on a stroll to The Battery and got the chance to walk around this amazing neighborhood. Most of these houses are well over 150 years old and have gone through many renovations. Some say [...]

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A Night in Duval

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be in the wedding of one of my closest friends in Jacksonville, Fl. Despite living in the Florida panhandle for four years, I had never gotten a chance to hang out in Jacksonville, the city affectionately called "DUVALL!!!!" by the natives. After the reception the frat brothers and company decided to have a night out on the [...]

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L’appel et Cornue

 World renown french range maker La Cornue hosted an intimate affair at Signature Kitchen and Baths of Charleston this past Wednesday. Chef de cuisine Larissa Taboryski prepared delectable morsels for the crowd. Both the wine and signature 1908 bourbon cocktails were smooth. The event showcased the beautiful ranges of La Cornue as well as one of my favorite items of the [...]

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There’s nothing like a new toothbrush…

There's nothing like a new toothbrush. That sensation it causes as it massages your gums and cleans is awesome. Spring cleaning gives us a chance to clear out debris and all the things that hold us back making way for new energy to help guide our paths. With nature, sometimes the thing that's cleared away isn't always something we want to let go. The Mount [...]

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Out of the Blue

This week Baker Motors presents the 8th annual Charleston fashion week. Last night was an awesome show that included the stylings of Cavortress, Ike Behar, and one of my personal favorites, David Hart.  The glitterati and taste makers were all present.  Charleston Fashion Week is the brainchild of Ayoka Lucas and every year it never fails to excite. It's one of the city's, if not [...]

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