Kennedy at Night

Kennedy McCord is a Charlotte transplant hailing from the great state of Alabama who has been creating music since the age of seven. He's doesn't limit hisself to one particular genre but rather prefers to connect sonically to everyone on all levels.

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Queen in the City

It was a briskly cold night in December atop a building whose  name belied the atmosphere. I was her of the Queen City's inhabitants came to think, to breath. To just be a queen.  

Queen in the City2017-01-25T04:31:29-05:00

La Partie Rouge

The American College of Building Arts hosted its annual Red Party at the Charleston Old City Jail.  This year we were taken back to 18th century France for a decadent masquerade party. Deserts and morsels abound. The guest came dressed in their finest lace with coiffures to die for.   Aristocrats from near and far attended. The event his held every year to raise money for the [...]

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Hello Again

It is the year 3842. I'rd'rúń (eye-de-ron) and aÀle (ah-A-lay) visit Earth.  They stand in a office building at the center of a once bustling metropolis The long dead home of their ancestors. a city of ghost on a planet of whispers.  The future's children are welcomed by stoic quiet. The Dark Warrior and L'Tonya weave together another masterpiece in visual wizardry. [...]

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