America is a beautiful and wondrous country with many landscapes and corners to get lost in. While traveling to Charleston from Pittsburgh I had the opportunity to stop in West Virginia to enjoy the scenery. West Virginia is the 35th state. Majestic, wild, and free. The rolling mountains and the lush forest of the state are both inviting and daunting. What I enjoyed about this stop was the sheer quietness in the air. Everywhere I went was peaceful. Sometimes the bustling nature of the city can make you forget what quiet actually is. The air was fresh and the people, they were eerily absent.

The wilderness offers one an opportunity to sit and ponder the mysteries of life. The regal nature of the mountains let you know this is God’s country. I did some pondering then looked around and saw that I was in what looked like the set of Wrong Turn and seeing as though I had no cell service, no firearm, and no one looking for me, I thought it best to get back in my vehicle and be on my way.

I love my brief stint in West Virginia. , it was time to see the city. One thing I like about driving in other cities is you get to experience the “what the fuck moments” in city planning. I was convinced that all roads were shaped like H’s. We arrived to a place called The Study located in The Modern Hotel Resort. The music was ba’zonkballs. Anyone who loves hip-hop as I do would be totally at home here. This place had a modern lounge design. The drinks were a little watered down so you need to order them without ice but overall it was a great experience. The people were friendly, the vibe was nice. We finished our drinks and headed to our next stop, The M.