Alexis and Alexander

Alexis and Alexander share marital bliss this March 19, 2016. The couple's lovely Charleston wedding to place at The First Baptist Church on James Island with the reception held at the Marriott Lockwood Blvd located near the historic district.  Friends and family from across the [...]

Queen in the City

It was a briskly cold night in December atop a building whose  name belied the atmosphere. I was her of the Queen City's inhabitants came to think, to breath. To just be a queen.  

Chicago in July

As the temperature starts to fall and I say farewell to the summer, I'm reminded of a time in the summer that foretold this time. This summer I visited the great city of Chicago. One of the jewels of the Midwest. My visit to the [...]

Farewell to the Summer

Labor day has come is a time to remember all of those courage men and women who fought the arduous fight to secure the rights and freedoms of the working class. Without their struggle we wouldn't be able to enjoy things like, the 40-hour work [...]

La Partie Rouge

The American College of Building Arts hosted its annual Red Party at the Charleston Old City Jail.  This year we were taken back to 18th century France for a decadent masquerade party. Deserts and morsels abound. The guest came dressed in their finest lace with coiffures [...]

The Battery

Living in Charleston affords me a few benefits. I'm close to the beach. Everyone I meet is usually related to me. and I get to enjoy beautiful architecture. I went on a stroll to The Battery and got the chance to walk around this [...]


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