Kennedy at Night

Kennedy McCord is a Charlotte transplant hailing from the great state of Alabama who has been creating music since the age of seven. He's doesn't limit hisself to one particular genre but rather prefers to connect sonically to everyone on all levels. [...]

Abigail & John

Stella Maris Catholic Church located on Sullivan Island, one of Charleston's favorite churches. It is unique and traditional. John & Abigail had a full mass wedding ceremony. Shortly after the family s and the bridal party waved their handkerchiefs then got on the Charleston [...]

Congrats Jas!

Late spring is a time of excitement and happiness. School is out and many families begin spending more time with on another. Spring is also a time for graduating seniors to strut across the stage and become alumni. This year the Snype clan trekked to [...]

Congrats Graduates

This past Sunday, students at the College of Charleston celebrated one of life's major milestones, graduation. All the long hours of studying, getting drunk and partying have culminated into this moment. Recent alums walked proudly across the stage where the a classic white tux and dress, [...]


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